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By: C. Achmed, M.S., Ph.D.

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Filing Fee-Enter the amount of the interstate compact filing fee and if submitted by check weight loss teas that really work discount 120mg orlistat visa, enter the date and check number weight loss medicine orlistat 120mg visa. Date of Domiciliary Approval-Ignore this item weight loss pills real reviews cheap orlistat 60mg overnight delivery, as it does not apply to interstate compact filings. This section replaces the body of the cover letter, and should be completed according to interstate compact instructions for the product that you are submitting. Certification- Complete the Certification indicating you have reviewed interstate compact national standards and filing requirements, and that your filing complies with all applicable national standards for the product submitted. Print Name, title, date, and an original signature, unless submitted electronically. Form Filing Attachment-Include if you are submitting a policy form, cover or declarations page, specifications page, endorsement or rider. Prepared for the State of:-The term "Interstate Compact" shall be inserted in item 16 in place of the state. This filing transmittal is part of company tracking number-Insert company tracking number on transmittal document. This filing corresponds to rate filing company tracking number-Insert company tracking number of rates. Description-Give a brief description of the form in the lower box of each section. Replaced form #, and previous state filing #-Identify the replaced form number, and previous interstate compact filing number. Prepared for the State of:-The term "Interstate Compact" shall be inserted in item 17 in place of the state. This filing corresponds to form filing for company tracking number-Insert company tracking of forms. Overall percentage rate impact for this filing: %-List the company calculated impact. Description-Brief description of the rates submitted in the lower box of each section. Previous state filing number, if required by state-Identify the previous interstate compact filing number. Procedure for notice and hearing where provided in the Compact Procedure for consumer participation in Commission business including administrative matters and hearing. The Proposed Plan of Action includes a recommendation that an outline of the proposed product standards be attached as Appendix C, including "an outline of proposed rules and operating procedures. Vermont intends to vote to approve the recommendation of the Proposed Plan of Action on June 5th, but suggests that the following materials and suggestions be included in Appendix C to further advance the work of the Working Group, the Task Force, and the Commission. The tasks and issues outlined in this memorandum (and any others that may be identified by other compacting states) must be completed and resolved before the Commission can begin the acceptance and review of product and advertising filings. Of this list, two rules have been drafted: one dealing with public inspection of Commission records, and the other with insurance product filings with the Commission. It also includes an outline of related implementation issues, which must be resolved before the Commission can begin accepting and reviewing product filings. The Rules and Procedures List Proposed Rules (drafting of proposed Uniform Standards are within the charge of the Interstate Compact National Standards Working Group and outside the charge of the Interstate Compact Implementation Working Group) 1. Will any rule or procedure attempt to define what qualifies as "prompt review" of product and advertising filings (draft Proposed Rule 2 indicates a 60-day approval period before a product is deemed approved, and 30day deemed approval for resubmitted filings)? Procedure for consumer participation in Commission business including administrative matters and hearing. Rules and Procedures for Meetings and Actions of the Legislative, Consumer and Industry Advisory Groups (to the extent not provided in the Bylaws) 18. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily with or without reasonable accommodation. Coordinates the affairs of the Commission including working with the representative of each member state and coordinating the affairs of the legislative, industry and consumer advisory committees. Works effectively with Commission members on a daily basis to promote the goals and mission of the Commission. Actively keeps Commission members informed regarding external factors having or potentially having a material impact on the Commission. Attends all meetings of the Commission and provides guidance, support, leadership and direction to the Commission, its members and staff so that the Commission fulfills its purpose of: 1.

Participants agreed to weight loss 9 month old baby buy generic orlistat line take part in a study of memory and learning weight loss pills news buy orlistat line, but they actually took part in a study on obedience weight loss doctors purchase 60 mg orlistat visa. They were not given an accurate account of the purpose of the study and the risks involved before they consented to take part in the experiment. Imagine what could have happened if subjects had known more details of the Milgram design. First, suppose they were told that they would be expected to shock another person. A biased sample would have been likely, with some individuals declining to participate. This would have limited the results of the study to the "type" of person who agreed to participate rather than describing behavior typical of most individuals. Second, if subjects had known the shocks were not being delivered, clearly the meaning of the experiment would have been entirely different. With full disclosure, Milgram would not have been able to study the concept he was interested in. This principle, however, in no way denies investigators the right to pursue any area of research or the right to observe proper standards of scientific reporting. Scientific misconduct: Misconduct is defined as the fabrication or falsification of data, plagiarism, misrepresentation, or other practices that seriously deviate from those that are commonly accepted within the scientific community for proposing, conducting, analyzing, or reporting research. It does not include unintentional errors or honest differences in interpretation of data. The Society shall provide vigorous leadership in the pursuit of scientific investigation which is based on the integrity ofthe investigator and the honesty of research and will not tolerate the presence of scientific misconduct among its members. It shall be the responsibility of the voting members of Governing Council to reach a decision about the possible expulsion of members found guilty of scientific misconduct. The relevance of the crime to the purposes of the Society should be considered by the Governing Council in reaching a decision about the matter. It shall be the responsibility of the voting members of the Governing Council to reach a decision about the possible expulsion of members found guilty of personal misconduct. Few of us like to think of ourselves as blindly obedient, and the "teachers" may have gone out of their way to prove their independence. Procedures in which observers conceal their purposes, presence, or identity are also deceptive. Rose (1987) lived and worked with a working-class African American community in Philadelphia for two years without disclosing his identity as an ethnographer, taking a job as an auto mechanic and renting an apartment in the community to facilitate his study. If deception is a critical element of the research, however, the importance of the research is paramount in determining if deception is acceptable. This question has inspired much debate on the subject of research ethics-with strong support on both sides of the argument. Milder forms of deception (which may be termed "incomplete information") occur more frequently than complete deception, as in the incidental recall paradigm in which participants are given a surprise memory test. Researchers commonly provide a general description of the topic of the study and assure participants that they can withdraw from the study without penalty at any time. Most people who volunteer for experiments do not expect full disclosure about the study prior to participation. They do, however, expect a thorough debriefing after they have completed the study. Even when there is no stress and virtually no possibility of harm to subjects, debriefing is included as a standard part of experimental procedure. This educational feature of debriefing is important whether participants are young adult college students, older adults, or the elderly. In theory, debriefing is intended to remove any unwarranted negative effects of participation, especially when stress and deception are involved. Participants who were obedient were told that their behavior was normal in that they had not acted differently from most other participants. They were made aware of the strong situational pressure that was exerted on them, and efforts were made to reduce any tension they may have felt.

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Most modern theories of deterrence weight loss institute of arizona buy orlistat overnight delivery, whether originating from economics or from the rational-choice tradition in criminology weight loss pills for 12 year olds buy cheap orlistat 120 mg on line, focus only on the certainty and severity of punishment weight loss pills garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean order orlistat with visa. While it is always advantageous to delay payment of a monetary fine, there is nothing irrational about a desire to get non-monetary punishment over with. As discussed below, there is far more empirical support for the deterrent effect of changes in the certainty of punishment than changes in the severity of punishment. Informal costs may far exceed formal sanction costs and also may be more closely tied to the certainty of punishment than the severity of formal sanctions. Consequently, merely being arrested for committing a crime may trigger the imposition of informal sanctions regardless of the severity of the ensuing consequences. Williams and Hawkins use the term "fear of arrest" to label the deterrent effect of informal-sanction cost. Each of these conditional probabilities has costs associated with them, and there is no reason in principle that equal changes in each should necessarily have the same deterrent effect. Stated differently, a 1% increase in probability of apprehension effect may have a very different deterrent effect than a 1% increase in the probability of imprisonment given conviction. There are many good reasons for believing that crime rates and sanction levels mutually influence each other. Williams & Richard Hawkins, Perceptual Research on General Deterrence: A Critical Review, 20 L. Unlike the first-generation studies, second-generation studies had a longitudinal component in which data were analyzed not only across states but also over time. Second, like the earlier studies, with the possible exception of Levitt11 and Johnson and Raphael,12 they do not resolve the identification problem resulting from the endogenous determination of crime rates and imprisonment rates. Weisburd, Einat, and Kowalski18 reported on a randomized field trial of alternative strategies for incentivizing the payment of court-ordered fines. The most salient finding was that the imminent threat of incarceration provides a powerful incentive to pay delinquent fines, even when the incarceration is only for a short period. Consistent with the "certainty principle," the common feature of treatment conditions involving incarceration is a high certainty of imprisonment for failure to pay the fine. However, the fact that the authors labeled the response the "miracle of the cells" and not the "miracle of certainty" is telling. The study demonstrates that these two groups of individuals were comparable on many characteristics such as age, race, and time in prison. Perpetrators of gun crimes, specifically those with a felony record, were targets of federal prosecution that provided for far more-severe prison sentences for weapon use than Virginia state law. In an extraordinarily careful analysis of individual-level crime histories from Florida, Lee and McCrary22 attempted to identify an abrupt decline in offending at age 18, the age of majority in Florida. Their point estimate of the discontinuous change was negative as predicted, but it was very small in magnitude and not even remotely close to statistical significance. She found that, on average, subjective probabilities of being sent to jail for auto theft increased by 5. The curves are also drawn so that they predict the same crime rate for a sentence length of zero. Thus, the absolute deterrent effect of the status-quo sanction level is the same for both curves. Instead the policy relevant question is how much would crime change by incrementally changing the status quo sanction level, S1. Because the two curves have different shapes, they imply different responses to an incremental increase in sentence level to S2. Stated differently, the nonlinear curve captures what economists call "diminishing marginal returns," which in this context means that there are diminishing marginal crime prevention returns resulting from increases in sentence length. Figure 1: Crime Rate and Sentence Length Crime Rate C0 A B C1 S1 S2 Sentence Length My reading of the evidence on the deterrent effect of sentence length is that it implies that the relationship between crime rate and sentence length more closely conforms to curve B than curve A. If the sanction involves imprisonment, crime may be prevented by the incapacitation of the apprehended offender. Police may, however, deter without actually apprehending criminals-their very presence may deter a motivated offender from carrying out a contemplated criminal act.

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