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By: N. Dolok, M.A., M.D.

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However symptoms 0f diabetes actonel 35mg overnight delivery, these aspirations are situated within not only their own identification but also by how this is perceived within the social ambience (Sellar treatment 0f gout 35mg actonel sale, 2013) such as their professional contexts and constraints treatment hiatal hernia purchase actonel on line amex. Again, it is the question of how they imagine and accept themselves, in other words, how they interpret the scenario that best fits themselves. Whilst the Party and the State aspired to embrace market principles in educational development to build the precondition for the socialist transition, the People might merely internalize expected changes for their own good. In addition to the Vietnamese methods with the continuity from the past to the present, adopting the neoliberal methods have opened up Vietnamese higher education to the diversity of the global methods. The social imaginary of education of Vietnamese people was no longer as learning to know how to read and write but as learning to be able to enter university. University dream is attached to the Vietnamese tradition of valuing education, the dream of escaping subsistence farmer life and the outcome of achievement from the country economic reform (Linh, 2010). He also associated the expansion of the current system with the new generation of students coming to university as a must rather than a should: In the past, not everyone had the privilege, capacity and expectation to study in university. But now it is the must for young people to go to university, because of family, society or situations. It is the move from should to must or from generations of shouldlearn students to the must-learn students. From should to must, there is a difference between the self-identification of choice and the external identification of encouragement. It is an acceleration of compulsion that illuminates as the dominant imaginary of entering university among young people. In locating their position between the should imaginary to must imaginary in entering university, students might easily lose track of their own aspiration in thinking about what and who university is for. The imaginary of must-university is so dominant that attending university is considered as a taken for granted dream among young people. Being able to attend university is so important that she rather chose to spend one year in her least wanted university waiting to re-take the entrance examination to her most wanted university rather than not being a student. It not only has the reputation for foreign languages but I can also study economics in English. That might sound unreasonable but for school-leavers and their families, staying in a random university for a year might save them from losing face due to failing the entrance exam to the desired university. This aspiration is shaped by collective views of mustuniversity from their peers, families and a society that is obsessed over education. The obsessed dream of university among young people makes the effort of getting into universities one of the most memorable milestones. It is so memorable that almost everyone could reflect on his or her experience with different stories. Students called it as an oven as the metaphor to describe the density of space and heat in small classroom for extra numbers of students. The illuminative imaginary of must-university is urging young people to empty themselves out for passing university entrance examinations. Additionally, it is the social imaginary of a qualification-valued society (Thiep, 2006) and the emphasis on qualification in job recruitment and promotion (Wilkinson and Chirot, 2011). Perhaps, it is not only the story for Vietnamese students but also for students in other countries getting lost in translating their future aspiration: whether university is a should or a must; a taken for granted dream or the dream that needs thinking otherwise. When students take the agency to internalize their capacity to aspire, university is still a desired destination but among many others. Their narratives unpacked the difficulties for university teachers in teaching and doing research. The teaching-focused practice in Vietnamese universities is partly the consequence of the residue from modelling the Soviet higher education in 1950s in Vietnam. In this Soviet model, universities were teaching-oriented while research was carried out in the independent institutions outside universities (Hayden &Thiep, 2010). However, almost nobody working at the university has only a single source income from the official salary. We go to work, pick up children, take care of children and husband and fulfil duties with the in-laws.

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Diagnosingcardiacarrest Healthcare personnel (doctors and nurses) have difficulty diagnosing cardiac arrest in infants and children if they rely on pulse palpation alone symptoms 4 days after conception discount 35 mg actonel. Onlyexperienced personnel who palpate pulses on a daily basis are able to treatment xanax overdose purchase 35mg actonel detect a real pulse within10seconds medications for bipolar disorder cheap actonel 35mg online,butthey,likeinexperiencedpersonnel,areunabletoquickly diagnose cardiac arrest by the lack of a pulse and need on average about 25 seconds to confirm it. Clinical guidelines advise spending no more than 10 secondsonpulsepalpationandtocombinewhateverinformationisgainedwith observablesignsofcirculationsuchasresponsiveness,movementandpresence orabsenceofnormalrespiration. Inshort,ifthepatientisunresponsiveandnot breathing normally there is no point wasting time on pulse palpation (it is inaccurateandtimeconsuming). Epidemiology the causes of cardiopulmonary arrest in infants and children are many and include any cause of hypoxaemia or hypotension or both. Common causes are trauma (motor vehicle accidents, near drowning, falls, burns, gunshots), drug overdose and poisoning, respiratory illness (asthma, upper airway obstruction, parenchymal diseases), post-operative (especially cardiac), septicaemia and suddenunexplaineddeathininfancy. Oxygen,ventilationandadvancedairway support Oxygen Oxygen should be administered whenever hypoxaemia occurs, but evidence fromanimalandnewborninfantstudiessuggeststhatassoonasoxygenationis achievedtheinspiredoxygen(FiO2)shouldberegulatedtoyieldarterialoxygen partial pressure in the normal range in order to limit oxygen-mediated cell damage. The only exception to administration of oxygen is when it may cause pulmonary vasodilatation and thereby shunt blood to the lungs away from the systemic circulation, as may occur in an infant with a single ventricle which pumpsbloodtobothcirculations. Theydeliveranunreliableoxygenconcentrationdependingonwhetherachildis breathing by nose or by mouth (crying, nasal obstruction) and the size of the nasopharynx which acts as a reservoir. They are limited to 4 L minute and the unhumidifiedoxygenmaycausedessicationofmucosalmembranes,particularly inyoungerchildren. Theycanbequicktoapplyandmaybeusefulin infants and children in extremis while they are being evaluated and further supportprepared. Flow rates of 2 L min kg have been studied in infants with bronchiolitis and appear safe. However,theymaynotbewelltoleratedbythe infant or small child, and the distress they cause may consume energy in the tiring child. It allows a non-distressing delivery of oxygen and allows clear observation of the child. Precise oxygen therapy is possible but may be expensive,andrebreathing,heatlossanddesiccationarepotentialproblems. If 100% oxygen is the only compressed gas available, lesserconcentrationsofoxygenmaybeattainedwithoutrebreathingbyusinga flowof100%oxygenandaVenturidevice. Methods of ventilation to interface with these three pieces of equipmentaretheself-inflatingbag,T-piecedevicesandmechanicalventilators. Self-inflatingbags Thesebagsareportable,lightweight,donotrequireagassourcetooperate,and come in three sizes: 250, 500 and 1500 mL. The Laerdal series typifies these devices and is available in single-use disposable versions. Rebreathing is prevented by a one-way duck-bill valve, spring disk/ball valve or diaphragm/leaf valve. Supplemental oxygen is connected to the resuscitation bag and a reservoir bag may or may not be present. While it is possible to spontaneously breathe through the bag, the resistance is significant and must be considered if this device is being used for preoxygenation or prior to rapid sequence intubation while the child is still breathingspontaneously. These bags should not be used to provide supplemental oxygen to a spontaneously breathing patient with a mask placed near or loosely over the face. IntheLaerdalseries,withuseofthereservoirbagandoxygenflow greater than the minute ventilation, 100% oxygen is delivered.

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Balances of fluorine ingested from various sources in food and water by five young men symptoms 24 buy actonel 35 mg lowest price. Problems involved in devising air quality criteria for the effects of fluorides on vegetation treatment urinary tract infection purchase actonel 35 mg with visa. The manipulation of potassium efflux during fluoride intoxication: Implications for therapy treatment chronic bronchitis discount 35 mg actonel free shipping. Syringe sampling technique for individual colorimetric analysis of reactive gases. Known addition procedure for determining fluoride in feeds with an ion-specific electrode. Niflumic acid-induced skeletal fluorosis: Iatrogenic disease or therapeutic perspective for osteoporosis Investigations of soft tissue functions in fluorotic individuals of north Gujarat. Clastogenic activity of sodium fluoride to rat vertebral body-derived cells in culture. Fluoride alters casein kinase I1 and alkaline phosphatase activity in vitro with potential implications for dentine mineralization. The enhancement of the toxicity of sodium fluoride in the rat by high dietary fat. Role of copper in skeletal changes in fluorosis: An experimental study in rabbits. Cytological reactions induced by sodium fluoride in D allium cepa root-tip chromosomes. Effects of a single intravenous dose of sodium fluoride on plasma electrolyte and metabolites in rats, rabbits, and cockerels. Investigation of the possible associations between fluorosis, fluoride exposure, and childhood behavior problems. Identification of two forms of fluorine in tissues of rats inhaling hydrogen fluoride. Clinical pharmacokinetics in newborns and infants: Age-related differences and therapeutic implications. The effects of sodium fluoride and iodoacetamide on mutation by xirradiation in mature spermatozoa of Drosophila. Fatal hydrofluoric acid cutaneous exposure with refractory ventricular fibrillation. The use of lichens in atmospheric deposition studies with an emphasis on the Arctic. Topical fluoride therapy: Discussion of some aspects of toxicology, safety, and efficacy. Canberra; Australia: Department of Health, Housing and Community Services, National Health and Medical. Groundwater contamination with arsenic and 5 other trace elements in an area of the Pampa, province of Cordoba, Argentina. Criteria for a recommended standard: Occupational exposure to inorganic fluorides. Endemic fluorosis in the Kenhardt and Gordonia districts, Cape Province, South Africa. Professional topical fluoride applications - clinical efficacy and mechanism of action. Experimental studies on the effects of sodium fluoride upon the heart muscle of rabbits. Studies on fluoride concentrations in human submandibularhblingual saliva and their relation to flow rate and plasma fluoride levels. Diurnal fluoride concentration in whole saliva in children living in a high- and a low-fluoride area. Compositions of particles from selected sources in Philadelphia for receptor modeling applications. Estimated fluoride intake of 6-month-old infants in four dietary regions of the United States!

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